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Maintenance of leather jackets as long as 5 points

1 Do not wear contact with oil and acid substances. With the oil, use a soft cloth dipped in petrol or four carbon dioxide at the repeatedly rubbed in oil until clean. In rubbed first before the lbelstaff jackets look minor parts of the test, especially the color of belstaff jackets womens
to be careful to see whether the fading of leather or degeneration, do not effect.
2 polishing leather jacket once every two to three years. Glazing, as long as polish with a soft cloth dipped in a light coating of leather surface can be 1 or 2 times, but do not use shoe polish to wipe.
3 damp or moldy leather jacket, avoid exposure baking, it is appropriate wind and dry. Dog days of summer, to prosecutors about whether the mildew; if so, to promptly wipe mold, and placed under the morning sun at eight or nine an hour before the sun on the collection.
4 irons ironing wrinkled leather wrinkle free, but the temperature should not exceed 60 ℃; hot to be used as a thin cotton lining, does not pause to and from the mobile.
5 collection is best to use hanger, flat course, you can, but on top of other clothing, so as not to cause wrinkles and affect appearance.

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Maintenance clever leather jacket

1 is often best to wear a belstaff leather jackets, and common fine flannel Kai rub. If you encounter rain and damp or mildew, use a soft dry cloth to remove water-soaked or moldy. But do not rubbed with water and gasoline, because when water hardened leather, leather oil to make gasoline evaporate and dry.
2 dull belstaff jackets, leather, oil can rub, rub mention that with shoe polish.
3 annual general re-dressed before the onset of winter and spring collections first hit when the oil is appropriate. Dayou, first leather jacket with a wet towel and wipe the surface of the dust, to be distributed after the water vapor, and then brush or plastic foam from top to bottom along the brush, brush back and forth and avoid duplication of brush, and then use this method to a leather jacket oil evenly marked, a leather jacket, packed with 80 g leather jacket or a bottle of oil can.
4 As the cowhide, sheepskin, pigskin is the main component is protein, so are easy to damp, from the mold, infestation. To this end, wearing a leather jacket, to avoid contact with oil, acid and alkaline substances such as. If the glue of the oil, sprinkle talcum powder can be used in the oil, place a day or so, let it absorb the grease, then wipe with a damp soft cloth off the stains. If blood stains, use a scrap with the leather jacket the same color skin, dipped in some liquid washing semen, blood stains at the touch can be removed. If Jiuzi or rain stains, use a soft cotton cloth dipped in some clean water to remove stains, and then hung in well-ventilated place to dry naturally, not on the stove next to the baking.
5 leather jacket with wrinkles, smoothing irons available, but note that the temperature should not be too high powered iron to iron loss of leather. Generally not exceed 85 degrees, but do use a clean cotton cloth hot pad lining in leather jacket, ironing to keep moving.
6 inadvertently scratched leather jacket, because the higher the value, gesture, a patch left scars but also affect the appearance. Approach is: the cut at evenly coated with glass, plastic or other strong glue, then broken with a metal stick together at the team press flattened, and this moment can be sticky. Until the glue solidified, the brush oil on the jacket, you can not see sticking out parts.
7 leather jacket or rain if the moisture after cleaning the bathroom, should be placed from direct sunlight to dry.
8 do not wear when the weather gets warmer, skin side up in the dry, clean cloth and then wipe the surface and dry, and finally hit epithelial jacket oil, with the hanger, such as the flat should be placed on top of other clothes, so flattened wrinkling, affecting the appearance

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How to maintain and leather collection

(1) can not wipe the belstaff jacketwith shoe polish. If the shoe oil, gasoline inside the shoe polish will penetrate into the leather, the wax stick to the belstaff jacketssurface. The leather color blur, Scattering, affect the appearance, but also the leather sticky, move soil dust.
(2) leather is best stored on hangers, not as stacked as push underwear wardrobe in order to avoid dead fold.
(3) leather collection when required ventilation can not be placed in airtight bag or plastic bag to save, you can cast a cloth or piece of unlined. Should be stored in a cool dry place, and pay attention to moisture, mildew.
(4) for the anti-moth, can put a few grains of mothballs in the closet. But be careful not to direct contact with the leather. Because mothballs leather clothing has a corrosive effect.
(5) collection, before the decontamination process, and then drying it. During storage is best to dry once or twice, but avoid sun exposure and roasted.
(6) Once the leather garments wrinkle, and available iron to iron out. Ironing should pay attention: First, by using low iron; the second is to move the iron quickly; third is best to use wrapping paper or greaseproof paper to make hot pads.

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Do not worry about how to clean leather

When you belstaff leatherwear over time, the leather and the lining will be different levels of stain, mildew, smooth leather surface coating will be some wear and tear, or even split pulp, out pulp, exposed end of the phenomenon, so belstaff leather
loss original luster, become dirty old. If you do not timely dyeing maintenance will not only affect the wearing of beautiful and clean, but also will affect their life, but the maintenance and dyeing of leather and knitwear are not the same color. It requires a certain expertise in leather.
First, the cleaning:
Dirt on the leather sweat secretions generally, all kinds of oil pollution and dust and a variety of pigment categories. Must be cleaned before the paint. Cleaning method is to use a clean cotton cloth or cotton ball dipped into the cleaning agent directly on the leather surface dirt to scrub. Commonly used cleaning agents are (1) ammonia, alcohol and water mixture, (2) some of the alkaline cleaning agent, (3) some special leather cleaner. For some non-dirty leather, can be used (1) (2), cleaning materials, cheap and easy to get. For some of the more dirty clothes or light-colored leather and then targeted selection of some of the best special leather cleaner is better. Cleaning should be fully cleaned. Especially for the collar, cuffs, Xiudi and special dirty place, should be focusing on, and then the appropriate color to cover. Otherwise, it is difficult to cover the dirty background, especially in light-colored leather.
Second, the color:
After the leather clean, smooth leather usually have color, professionally known as "finishing." Is to use paint, resin-based material made of special leather finish with grout brush, wipe, spray, etc. applied to the surface of the way leather. Finish before the first tune good creams and resin according to a certain percentage (usually the ratio of 1:2-2.5 pigment and resin) with a good mix thoroughly and then to color. Is: with a brush or sponge brush to direct the slurry coating the leather surface. Brush conducive slurry in the pores, corners and seams full penetration and absorption.
Lust of the leather on the appropriate treatment for fixing to prevent fade. After the color of leather, the case back of the main parts of a wrinkle or uneven, it is best to use iron for ironing, making them more smooth appearance. Ironing, the best one in the leather surface of the silk pad, ironing temperature control in the range of 80 ~ 100 ℃ is better at ironing every time not too long, some paint coating to prevent the occurrence of "migration" and lead to color flowers, light-colored leather in particular should pay attention.
Finally, do not forget the button, the color components on the infected wipe with a damp cloth.

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Belstaff Jackets, Belstaff Leather Jackets -Belstaff UK Sale Sto

First, in order to make a white shirt whiter, in the wash, can be soaked in detergent solution, with bleach, soak 20-30 minutes later cleaning. In addition, often with the Tao Mishui immersion, it is unlikely that white clothes yellow; or clothes washed, and then add drops of blue ink in the rinse water can also prevent white clothes yellow. Second, a white vest to wear long hair in yellow. The old white vest ever method is: first, wash with water, then rub with soap or detergent, washed with water, gently rub with soap or detergent, no rinsing, and then placed in plastic bags, tied mouth, drying in the sun for more than l hour, then scrub it. Third, washed socks, as long as the hot water into 2-3 slices of lemon, white socks washed and then soaked for 10 minutes, it is easy to wash socks.belstaff
Fourth, the mall has a variety of whitening agent to sell well, wash separately, do not wash with other clothes, even if the color does not fade is also not similar, and washed with water and soak fifteen minutes, try not to let the clothes stay on with soap, detergent foam. Fifth, placed in a cool dry place themselves slowly, not in the hot sun drying.belstaff
sixth, the washed clothes stuffed into plastic bags into the freezer, after about an hour out, can protect the white white.


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